Australian designed and built for a large range of conditions, the AX7500 delivers light weight efficient solution for the harvester, owner, operator and farmer. The AX7500 features a CANbus control system fully integrated with the Cummins ECM. With the key design criteria of light weight but robust to maximise efficiencies and utilise technology Canetec has developed the lightest, most fuel efficient harvester in its class.

The AX7500 is a highly manoeuvrable lightweight machine at a gross weight of 12 tonne delivers low compaction. The powerful, reliable, efficient Cummins electronic controlled engine coupled with highly efficient cooling packages delivers excellent fuel efficiency and years of trouble-free performance.
  • Features and benefits

    • Engine – Cummins QSL9 delivering 325Hp @ 1900RPM with torque output of 900 lb-ft also @ 1900RPM
    • Cooling – Combination cooler water jacket, charge air and hydraulic oil. Variable speed hydraulic, cooling fan demand driven with automatic and manual reversing features.
    • Extractor – Variable speed four blade 1300mm fan generates strong upwards currents of air.  The fan separates trash from cane billets providing excellent results with lower cane loss and an improved cane/trash ratio. Speed is operator set and system is closed control loop delivering consistent fan speed under variable load conditions.
    • Plastic primary hood (slew option) - Directs the trash away from uncut cane and equipment.
    • Base Cutters – Cutting the cane at ground level, the height is controlled by the operator and performance is monitored on a 12” colour touch screen.  Both the discs and blades are replaceable.
    • Cabin – High level operator visibility with excellent features providing machine performance and operator comfort.
    • Topper – Removes tops away from cane row being harvested. The hydraulic operated topper is reversible which can throw the cane tops either side of the machine.
    • Crop Dividers – The 45° helix auger with dual augers gently lifts and separates the cane, improving harvest capacity and minimizing stool damage.  The side trim knives (option) also reduce stool damage when working in lodged cane conditions.
    • Buttlifter Roller – Lifting the cane behind the base cutter, available only in 3 blade closed roller configuration.
    • Walk Down Feed Roller – Offers the flexibility to change the feeding capacity of the machine in a wide range of crop conditions.  The Walk down Roller is fully adjustable from the cabin.
    • Feed Rollers – Supplies cane mat to the chopper system.  The five top rollers float enabling even product volume minimising chokes.
    • Chopper Drum – Powered Hydraulically with 5.2:1 ratio reduction drives. The two-blade 12” differential cutting design provides a lightweight but robust solution delivering a clean cut of cane and trash. Blades/Drum 2 optional, 3 standard or 4 optional.
    AX7500 is available equipped with tyres (tracks design on the drawing board): The steering geometry leads the market with centre mounted phasing cylinders (2) delivering the tightest turning circle within its class (8900mm C/Line @ rear wheels)
  • Specifications

    • High Visibility
    • Air Conditioned positive pressure
    • Air suspension seat with safety seat switch (Hydraulic Disable)
    • Adjustable steering column
    • Fully integrated CANbus control featuring 12” Colour touch screen
    • Integrated Joystick, Hydraulic Functions and mechanical traction control
    • Radio AM/FM – Bluetooth/CD/MP3/Multimedia/Player receiver
    • 12v Output (AUX)
    • Windscreen washer / wiper (2 speed)
    • LED Work Lights (6)
    • LH & RH Adjustable mirrors
    • GPS Capable
    • Rotating beacon
    • Cummins QSL 9   -  (8.9Lt) Turbo & Charge Air
    • Cooled
    • Emission Certification U.S EPA Tier 3
    • Power Output 242kw (325 hp) @ 1900 rpm
    • Torque Output 1220 N-m (900 lb-ft) @ 1900 rpm
    • Alternator – Denso 24V 95A
    • Vibration damping mounts Rear (2) Front (1)
    • Engine easily accessible from top and sides
    • Combination cooler Jacket water, CAC, Hydraulic Oil
    • Demand controlled variable speed fan
    • Outboard mounted blower style fan
    • Automatic & Manual reversing features
    Fuel Tank
    • Removable design feature
    • Fuel capacity 450 lt
    • Hydrostatic variable pumps 110cc (2)
    • Hydrostatic fixed displacement motors 108cc
    • Reduction Drive Hubs 35:1 ratio
    • Speed 19km/h
    • Differential Lock
    • Foot operated turn assist
    • Electronic Hand Brake
    • Fail Safe Brake
    Hydraulic Oil Reservoirs
    • Turbo deration tank rear
    • Full flow filtration with electronic indicator
    • Fill & Top up through filters
    • Removable design tank feature
    • Oil capacity 450 ltr
    Crop Dividers – Reversible
    • Distance between points – 1600mm
    • Dual Spiral – Standard
    • Side Trim – Option
    • Tilt Function – Optional
    Topper – Severing – Reversible
    • Adjustable Height to 3640mm maximum
    • Severing drum 8 blades
    Base Cutter – Reversible
    • Gearbox leg centre distance – 630mm
    • Replaceable Disc – (2)
    • Blades per disc – (5)
    Feed Rollers – Reversible
    • Walk Down Roller – Standard (1)
    • Roller Finned – Standard (1)
    • Feed Rollers – Upper (5) Lower (5)
    • Buttlifter Closed Slat – Standard (1)
    Chopper System - Reversible
    • Hydraulic with reduction drive – 5.2:1 Ratio
    • 12” (300mm) differential chop design
    • Blades / Drum 2 (optional) 3 Standard or 4 (optional)
    Primary Extractor Fan
    • Steel Hood – Optional
    • Plastic Hood – Standard
    • Vertical Arm 4 blade fan 1300mm DIA. (Nominal)
    • Variable speed operator set closed control loop
    • Hydraulic Slew – Optional
    Elevator - Reversible
    • Frame Standard – (Chain 206 Pitch)
    • Frame Standard & Extended – (Chain 218 Pitch)
    • Frame High Lift (HL) – (Chain 230 Pitch)
    • Width 865mm
    • Slew cylinders (Backhoe Style) 170 degrees
    • Extended with Extension – Optional
    • Bin Flap – Standard
    • LED Work Lights (2)
    • Flashing Beacon (1)
    Secondary Extractor Fan
    • Plastic Hood – Standard
    • Hydraulic Slew – Standard
    • 3 Blade Fan 900 dia (Nominal)
    • Front tyres 13.0/65-18 16ply
    • Rear tyres 23.1/26 16ply R1 tread
    • 12100 kg (Standard Machine)
    • Centre mounted phasing cylinders (2)
    • Turning circle 8900mm (C/Line @ rear wheels)
    Standard Equipment
    • Machine Platform & Safety Rails
    • Reversing Camera (2)
    • Reversing Alarm
    • Windscreen Guard
  • Technical drawings

    AX7500 with HL EXT Elevator

    These technical drawings show the full details of Canetec's AX7500 Harvester with HL EXT Elevator. Please contact us to discuss customisation requests or for more information on the AX7500 Harvester.
    Download PDF >