The AX5000 series offers three different harvesters that boats a narrow row width and high cabin visibility, which makes it ideal for even the tightest field spaces. The addition of hydraulics ensures a powerful system and reliable performance, eliminating any potential performance issues associated with unstable operating systems.

The AX5000 series is compact, and its narrow width and tight turning area allows it to out manoeuvre larger harvesters. The efficiently positioned operator controls and allow for greater cabin visibility around the machine during harvest, and during infield/road transit enhancing the motility of the harvesters.

The AX5000 series incorporates the necessary mechanical and electrical controls to ensure reliable performance, eliminating any need for price premiums, which allows for affordable competitive pricing. In addition to this, the use of a fully electronically controlled common rail design engine allows for efficient operations under varied machine loads. The superior quality of operating systems also assists in the minimisation of operational costs, and the enhancement of the return on investment.

The Canetec AX5000 Sugar Cane Harvester series possesses controllable base cutters and 4 blade variable speed primary extractors providing lower cane loss and improved cane/trash ratio. The 45 degree crop dividers gently lifts and separates the cane, improving harvest capacity while the feed rollers reduce chokes by providing even product volume.

The AX5000 Elevator Track Harvester also includes a secondary extractor providing final cleaning while the AX5000 Bag Track Harvester contains a 1 tonne bag capacity. Both models use a hydraulic system and are powered by a QSB 6.7litre turbo charged diesel engine coupled with a cooling system designed to be reliable and powerful.
  • Features and benefits

    • Primary Extractor – The variable speed four blade 1100mm low vortex design fan generates strong upwards current of air. The fan separates the trash from the cane billets providing excellent results with lower cane loss and an improved cane/trash ratio.
    • Base Cutters – Cuts the cane at ground level. The height is controlled by the operator and performance is monitored by the cabin dash mounted hydraulic pressure gauge.
    • Cabin - High level operator visibility with standard features providing machine performance and operator comfort.
    • Standard Topper – Removes tops away from the cane rows being harvested. This consists of a lightweight strong frame.
    • Cabin – High level operator visibility with excellent features providing machine performance and operator comfort.
    • Topper – Removes tops away from cane row being harvested. The hydraulic operated topper is reversible which can throw the cane tops either side of the machine.
    • Crop Dividers – the 45° dual helix auger gently lifts and separates the the cane, improving harvest capacity and minimizing stool damage.
    • Buttlifter Roller – Lifts the cane behind the base cutter. Available in 3 blade closed or 4 blade open configuration to suit operating conditions.
    • Feed Rollers – Supplies cane mat to the chopper system. The top rollers float enabling even product volume minimising chokes.
    • Chopper Drum – Powered by the proven 6000 series Char-Lynn motor, the two-blade 12” differential cutting design provides a lightweight but robust solution delivering a clean cut of cane and trash.
    • Engine – The QSB 6.7 litre 138KW turbocharged diesel with charge air cooled tier 3 certified package keeps you moving. Coupled with purpose engineered cooling package, the system is reliable and powerful. Remote filters provides easy access and requires less time for servicing.
    • Hydraulic System – Simple and serviceable, designed for performance and competitive operating costs. Hydraulic oil is filtered before returning to the tank increasing oil life and reliable machine operation.
    • Elevator Track
      • Secondary Extractor - Providing final cleaning opportunity.
      • Lightweight and Robust Elevator - Providing superior dirt rejection.
    • Bag Track
      • 1 Tonne bag capacity
  • Specifications

    • High Visibility
    • Air Conditioned and filtered
    • Sound insulated
    • Right hand and left hand lockable doors
    • Windscreen wiper/ High volume washer
    • General interior and instrument lighting
    • Murphy Powerview PV101 engine instrumentation
    • Seat adjustable suspension
    • External lighting
      • 6 cab-mounted work lamps
      • Turning indicators lights
      • Roof mounted safety beacon
    • External high visibility mirrors R/H and L/H sides
    • Basecutter and chopper hydraulic pressure gauges
    • Resettable circuit breakers
    • Fuel gauge
    • Basecutter height cutting indicator gauge
    • Drive type: Hydraulic reversible
    • Adjustable height: 1m - 3m
    • Standard Severing Type
    Crop Divider
    • Drive type: Hydraulic reversible
    • Adjustable height
    • 45° rake angle dual helix auger
    • Replaceable wear points
    Base Cutter
    • Drive type: Hydraulic reversible
    • Distance between disc centres: 495mm
    • Number of discs: 2
    • Number of blades per disc: 4
    • Adjustable height
    Feed Rollers
    • Drive type: Hydraulic reversible
    • Number of Rollers:
      • 4 Top floating
      • 5 Bottom
    • Throat Width: 600mm
    • Drive type: Hydraulic reversible
    • Drum type: 2 blade differential chop design
    • Blade: Suit 600mm throat
    • Drum centres: 305mm (12”)
    Primary Extractor
    • Drive type: Hydraulic (variable speed)
    • Fan diameter: 1100mm
    • 4 Blade Low Vortex design
    • Heavy duty steel extractor chute
    • Cummins QSB6.7 Tier 3 Certified
    • Power: 185hp (138kw) @ 2500rpm
    • Torque: 575 lb-ft (780 Nm) @ 1500 rpm
    • Displacement: 6.7 Litre
    • System voltage: 24 volts, battery isolator key
    Fuel and Oil Capacity
    • Fuel Capacity: 205 Litres, lockable cap
    • Hydraulic Oil Capacity: 180 Litres, lockable cap
    Secondary Extractor
    • Drive type: Hydraulic
    • 3 Blade design
    • Fan diameter: 750mm
    • Drive type: Hydraulic reversible
    • Width: 600mm
    • 170° Slew: Hydraulic
    • Raise and lower: Hydraulic
    • Bin flap deflector Hydraulic adjustable
    • Perforated floor
    • Heavy duty roller chain
    • Backhoe style slew mechanism
    Chopper System - Reversible
    • Hydraulic with reduction drive – 5.2:1 Ratio
    • 12” (300mm) differential chop design
    • Blades / Drum 2 (optional) 3 Standard or 4 (optional)
    Transmission (Track)
    • Type: Hydrostatic using two variable displacement pumps driving fixed displacement motors
    • Brakes: Automatic failsafe design with park brake feature
    • Steering: Skid steer using
      • variable track speed and direction
      • reduction hubs ratio 35:1
    • Speed: 0-8km/ Bi-direction
    Transmission (Rubber Tyre)
    • Type: Hydrostatic using two variable displacement pumps driving fixed displacement motors
    • Brakes: Automatic failsafe design with R/H and L/H rear wheel brakes pedal operated
    • Steering: Hydraulic power steering
    • Speed: 0-12 km/hr Bi-directional
      • reduction hub ratio 35:1
    • Harvester Weight
      • Bag: (Track) - 9.5T
      • Elevator: (Track) - 10.1T
      • Elevator (Rubber Tyre) - TBA
    Optional Equipment
    • Safety lever lockout protection (bag harvester)
    • Ground operators control (bag harvester)
    • Extractor hood slew 170°
    • 4-slat open type buttlift roller
    • Side trim knives
    • Dual auger, dual helix crop dividers
    • Primary extractor hood deflector (adjustable)
    • Primary fan tachometer
  • Technical drawings

    AX5000 brochure

    AX5000 Harvester

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